Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Carole P. Roman Review

Age: 7-12 years

About: Carole P. Roman is the author of these books that I was very excited to review. She actually started her writing career on a dare from one of her sons. She was named Kirkus Reviews’ Best in 2012 for that first book she ever wrote, Captain No Beard. She now has many more books written and another Kirkus award in 2015. 

The Oh Susannah books were a joy to read. These books feature Susannah Logan, who isn’t having a good day. In, Oh Susannah: It’s in the Bag, book Susannah Logan is having a bad day, starting with the fact she had unfinished homework in her bag. Then hurried through breakfast and given a banana she didn’t want, she throws it in her bad as well. Then on the bus to school her friend Lola gives her an invitation to a sleep over. Which she doesn’t want to go to because Lola’s brother always scares them. Her day continues to her worse. Including a letter home from gym class.  To end the school day with her zipper on her backpack ripping and sending her over the edge. She ends up having a nightmare about her bag exploding and her parents rush in. It leads them to be able to have a conversation about her stressful day. 

Oh Susannah: Things that go Bump is about her getting invited to her friends house for her birthday. She really wanted to go but she was afraid. Her friends brother has told her that it is haunted. Though through friendship she is able to face her fear and go to the sleep over. She ends up having a blast and learns that little brothers can be annoying sometimes and sometimes they can be great. She also learns that friendship can help each other overcome their fears together. 

The coloring book goes with the chapter books. You color pages that go alone with them and also draw your own images on things. Like one was something you might be afraid of. It helps tie in the book and give a little activity to have some deeper thought to what your child just read. 

The kids really enjoyed the books as well as getting some coloring in. We think these are some fun easy chapter books for a quick read or a good starting point when merging into chapter books. They stay interesting and leave you wanting to know more till you finish the book. Carole P. Roman is a an amazing author and I don’t think you will be disappointed in any of her books you choose. 

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