Thursday, January 31, 2019

Cleaning Time

Got a big family and having a hard time keeping up? When you have lots of kids at home, like me, then it can get overwhelming to keep up on the house work. By the days end it will look like a few tornadoes have went through your house. It is really hard for me to sit down and try to do stationary work when I know the house is horrible and needs to be picked up.  So I made picking up a game with the kids.  Some 5 minute pick ups!

Each day pick some times when your house gets a bit messier.  Like ours is right after breakfast, during school when the little are left to destroy, after lunch, and before dinner. During these times if I will set a 5 minute timer and we all clean it helps keep up on things.

The little kids can help too.  When it is just 5 minutes no one gets overwhelmed with a long boring time of cleaning. It also helps keep the end of the day from having lots to do. Assign kids to certain areas and when your times come set the timer and they go clean up as quickly as they can. You can play music or contests on who can get the most done. Pair your littles with your bigs so they can help teach them how to get better at it. 

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