Thursday, February 28, 2019

Singapore Math Inc. Review

Singapore Math Inc. was an exciting review to be able to get. I received level 3A of Dimensions Math PK-5. The curriculum is for PK-5th grade. Included in this curriculum their are three books; a teachers guide, textbook, and a workbook.  Also included is access to some online resources; videos of songs, lesson material lists, and blackline masters. Each level is divided into A and B. So I only received half of the books that it would take to complete a full year of this curriculum. Since you may know most curricula have different standards for each levels. So Singapore Math Inc. makes it easy for you to pick the level that would suit your child best by offering placement tests. Some kids may need to start with a level B which would be the second semester of the grade.  This is better than having to do a whole grade level when you are starting a new curriculum and may already know some of the stuff at the start of the curriculum.  It also helps to make sure your child gets into a level they need by doing the placement test first. 

The teachers guide starts out with notes that introduce the topic being taught in the lesson. There is also key points to help with teaching as well as some activities.  The guide also offers the answers to all the problems in both the textbook and workbook. The textbook uses short lessons that focus on using pictures instead of text to teach the lesson.  Then the workbook offers practice for the new topic learned.

Each day I would go over the teacher guide and introduce the lesson for the day.  We would start in the text book going over the problems with the colorful pictures.  The visual learning like this is so much easier for my dyslexic child. It is much easier to see it from pictures versus black and white text.  We would move on to the workbook once we felt like he had it.  The workbook was good to practice the learning but it wasn't as fun since it wasn't colorful like the textbook.  However it was a good addition to get more practice in on what we have learned. I really liked the teacher guide.  I like to have them give something more than just answers. I like how this explained the problems so it gave another way for me to explain it to my kiddo so maybe he would understand it better. Sometimes I don't always know the best way to state things so that helps.  Overall I think this is a great curriculum. Lessons can be short and sweet when your kid gets the lesson well.  You can also take more practice out using the workbook for things that aren't clicking so quickly.  

Be sure to check them out on social media as well as checking out what my other crew members had to say about the curriculum as well.  Many of them reviewed different levels from the one I reviewed.

Dimensions Math PK-5 {Singapore Math Inc. Reviews}

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