Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Household Tips 101- Cat Litter

Things with a musty smell are horrid.  From an old truck to old books.  The trick is as simple as cat litter.  For that trunk just sprinkle some in the bottom and close it up.  For those books put some cat litter in a bag with the books and seal it up. Check the book every few days and change the litter until smell is gone.

Want to get ride of the nasty trash can smell?  Things always leak in the bottom and make it smell so bad when you pull the bag out.  Just sprinkle some cat litter at the bottom of your can and it will not only deotorize but it will also absorb the grease and liquids that leak.

If you live around the coast in the south you understand about how quick mold spreads.  If you want to go on a trip you have to worry about leaving your house closed up because it will start growing mold.  All it takes is pouring at littler in a box and setting it in the rooms of the house.  It will help absorb the moisture in the home.

Odor eaters for feet are not so cheap!  Since you are already thinking you need to buy some cat litter to do some of these other tricks you mind as well place some in a stocking and tie it up.  Next place that inside some stinky shoes overnight.

Make a draft dealer for the bottoms of your door by filling up a stocking and and putting it in front of the door.

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