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Spiritual Circle Journal Review

Spiritual Circle Journal

Vendor: Spiritual Circle Journal
Product: Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids and Teens
Age: 8 years old and up
Price: $15.00

Spiritual Circle Journal

About: My daughter, who is 11, has started to include the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens as part of her Bible time. This journal, from Spiritual Circle Journal, includes 3 pages of Parent/Teacher/Leader guide instructions to help parents and homeschoolers to use this tool with their children. This section just gives the parent helpful tips and some inspection on using the journal. This is intended for children that are 8 years old and up, however younger children could do this too with a bit more guidance. The journal in total contains; instructions, a sample journal (by a 12yo boy), 66 journal pages, and 15 pages for summary and personal use for a total of 94 pages.

This journal is neat because it helps children really dig deeper in their thoughts and in line with God's word. Sometimes keeps have a hard time knowing what to pray for or getting their feeling's out. This journal helps with prompts via bullets aka the bubbles.


Journal Entry
- which are cloud bubbles and they ask the child what they are feeling for the day.
Lyric/Verse - Music note bubble where you put down a song or a verse that may have been stuck on your mind for the day.
Message - Bible bubble is the place to put what you have learned for the day.
Confession - heart bubbles that ask if you need to ask God for forgiveness for anything.
God Moving - car bubble where it asks if you have seen God Moving in your life.
Lesson Learned Light-Bulb Moment - light bulb bubble. Here you think of any moments you had a light bulb go off on something you have have done.
Prayer - backpack bubble where you might ask God for help with something. Maybe something is bothering you.
Thank You/Adoration - note bubble that you put what you can praise God for.
Actions - shoe bubble where you put something God wants you to do, maybe helping others.

This has really be a "God send" as my daughter is coming into her preteens and all the emotions that come with it. She had a hard time talking to me, sometimes it's just for lack of words to say. This gives her an outlet with prompts to help her know what to say and how to get out what she needs too. I really think all kids would do amazing with this but I really think this is amazing for the preteen age where they are so confused with what is going on anyways. Plus it helps them build that daily time with God and to see how they should use that time as they grow with God and in age. I think the idea point's are some thing that will stick with her for a long time to come. I also think it is a great place to keep her thoughts she doesn't want people to know. I allowed her to keep her privacy on it after we did a couple days to help show her the way it works and to help her get a feel for it. I don't think it was my place to invade on her feelings until she is ready to come to me with them. I think she loves that security that she can get it out of her mind but still know it's between her and God.

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Spiritual Circle Journal

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