Monday, October 29, 2012

Schooling on the go...

We had a bit of a travel we had to make away from home for about 3 days. I was trying to prepare for out trip with lots of printables and busy work for the trip and for our daily assignments. I stopped and thought about it and decided not to. I did bring some book work from our current work books (my 2nd grader thrives on book work) but I left the rest. I have blank paper and plenty of pencils. I do believe this trip will be a learning as we go, sorta unschooling way. We already got our fill of the wonderful Bill Nye The Science Guy this morning on T.V. The show was on mirrors and telecopes. They talked about the difference between a reflector and refractor. I thought this was amazing as I just did a paper on the differences for my Astronomy class in college. It was great to just jump in and know what to add to the intrest. They also played a small segment on star gazing as well. I think later we will start a writing journal of our stay away from home. Math we have in our workbooks and I brought the craft sticks to help my 1st grader with her subtraction.  Even better yet we are in a historic old town that will make for a good social studies lesson! I just love the freedom of learning what we want where we want.
How do you do school while you are away from home?

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