Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My rant for the day.

I just need to vent a bit today.  I LOVE being back in the beautiful state of Arkansas but I have to say I am completely disappointed in the health system here.  As you know I am pregnant with no insurance.  I do not have much when it comes to an income either.  I called every OB in this town and not ONE will take you with a payment plan.  How greedy is this world becoming?  Yes I know they need money in order to run their practice but I am not saying I don't want to pay, I just cant pay the WHOLE lump sum up front.  My thyroid does not produce much so this is a big risk factor in pregnancy that can result in brain damage to the baby between 6-12 weeks if not taken care of.  I even had one clinic tell me they wouldn't even prescribe me Synthroid even if I needed it, wasn't their area even though they could and probably would test to see if it was low.  Then no clinics want to see you until your 10-12 weeks at that.  In Missouri I was in the OB with my first appointment by 4 1/2 weeks to make sure all was good and get me started on prenatals and such.  It scares me for what is to come through out the pregnancy and the delivery here.  It is sad that doctors in this age do not care about their patents anymore but the money instead.

Anyways I guess the reason for the posting is to ask my readers for some prayers along these next 7 months or so while I have this child. 

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