Thursday, July 18, 2013

Christy the Coupon Coach Review

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I love  having a review for myself!  It makes it even better when it is one that will help me save money.  I received a book from Christi the Coupon Coach called Couponing Made Simple.  This book can be purchases at Amazon for $18 or $4.99 for the e-book. 

The best part of this book is that the words are bigger than in normal reading books. This helps those eyes that have been going over homework for hours already.  The terminology is very easy to read and understand for every age raged shopper.  

I have been a couponer for awhile now, no extreme couponer though.  I have a binder that I keep my coupons in but I never could figure out a good order for them that would make it easier to find what I needed.  In this book she does give you directions on how to set up and file away your coupons for best and easiest use using file folders.  Then she goes on to talk about getting extra Sunday papers to get more coupons of each item.  I like this idea but I do not live close to town so it is hard for me to use the gas and pay the extra for papers right now that I wasn't able to do this right now.  Though when I really know a good deal is coming I will make the trip so I can get several of what I am needing.

The next part of the book tells you about the jargon used in couponing so that you know what they are talking about.  This tells you how to stack coupons (use a manufacture coupon with a store coupon) to get twice the savings.  Sadly I live in an area that the stores do not have their own coupons.  I can say when I lived in a bigger area this was a great way to save more.  I used this method a lot on diapers. 

She also talks about using matching sites to help you out with matching the current store sales with the coupons you should have on hand.  I was hoping she would mention the actual sites to these places but she didn't.  I did have one that I have used for a long time and love so I just continued to use it hoping it was the best one that is out there.  She does suggest how to search for them, this will help you find the most up to date sites out there.  I know there are a few that have been out there.  The one I use is free so don't get drawn into pay sites that do the same thing.

I have had the most success with HBA items at Walgreens using my coupons and the stacking method.  I have been able to get my personal care items much cheaper and some almost free by using my coupons.  I am still having a hard time with getting good deals on food.  I really only have Walmart to food shop and the savings generally are no worth it with the coupon for the name brand.  I think once I get better and a good stack of coupons that I will travel to the next bigger town where they double coupons. 

The only things that I found in the book that I wasn't impressed with was the lack of editing on the book.  I am not great on my own grammar and spelling so for me to notice issues was a big deal.  Also she mentioned batch cutting of coupons which if I remember correctly is not allowed.

I liked that she mentioned about only buying what you NEED.  I think is a big deal in this whole deal.  We can't be greedy and take all of a good deal when others are in need as well.  Overall this was a good read for someone new to the coupon scene.  For those that have a good idea and have been doing it a bit probably wouldn't benefit from the book at all. Also I suggest saving the money and getting the e-book as it is not something that you will need to reference back to after you have read it once.

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