Wednesday, July 24, 2013

St. Louis Science Center

I am very excited to say that the kids and I are going to be headed to St. Louis, MO this weekend to go to the Science Center.  We have never been to it but we hear it is one of the coolest science centers ever.  We are all very excited to go and see what we can find and learn.  The best part of all it is FREE!  We have to pay for parking which is $10 and that sucks but much cheaper than the closer centers to us that charge $10 a person plus parking.  The kids love these types of places and have so much fun.  If we have time we may swing over to the zoo as well.  Be sure to watch to upcoming pictures and stories!

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  1. General admission to the Science Center is in every case free, yet passes to exceptional presentations, OMNIMAX movies, and McDonnell Planetarium Shows can be bought online whenever.