Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 1 and 2 of back to school

Well we have survived day one and two of our back to full time school routine.  It was bumpy for little man yesterday and today it was bumpy for the girls.  Hopefully tomorrow everyone will be good to go.

Little man started on his letter A.  His first project was to color in the letter.  He got outside the line and instantly got upset and said I quit school.  I said just try again.  He did and then quit again.  He ran off and I have him about 20 minutes while I worked with the girls and then got him to come back.

Busy at work.

Without any prompting he decided to write the whole word.  This kid has never wrote any letter before yesterday and I was only having him to keep writing A.  I think he did awesome!

Then my I CAN"T girl.  I love her still.

My 3rd grader hides from the camera so none of her today lol.

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