Thursday, August 15, 2013

Family Hope Center Review

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VendorFamily Hope Center
How to OrderTo order the DVD, please call 610-397-1737 or you can order Understanding Child Brain Development from IEW.  Direct link to the DVD: Price for this DVD is $19
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Who are they?
Family Hope Center travels around giving seminars to families that have children with special needs.  However the DVD is not only geared towards those that have special needs children but for everyone, as it helps give a better understanding into brain development in general.  The DVD goes very in depth about the technical parts in the brain and parts are a big hard to grasp at times.  The best suggestion is take notes as it soon becomes clear what they are trying to get across with the technical parts.

They really focus on teaching the parents not to focus on the disability but on the things that their kids can do.  When charting development you need to start a chart on where your child is and try to make progress from there.  Not making progress on a goal that is meant for other children.  I think this is the best advice ever, having worked with special need kids and seeing parents thrive to get their child to a "normal" stage and be let down.  When in reality they need to focus on where their child started and how much they are progressing from that point forward.

There was lots of information on about how what we put into our bodies affects us.  How our food being processed and having additives put into harms those children with things like ADHD.  I know for a fact that this is true as my son has ADHD and if he eats pancakes with syrup he goes bonkers.  Now while I have always know this about him and that the food does bother him it was nice to actually find out the reasons why it does and how it is actually bothering him from the inside.  Even the simplest things as water quality when left sitting out, that is something I never even thought of.

The DVD is 2 hours long which can be a bit much if you try to watch it all the way through and retain it all.  I watched segments of it and went back to it several times so that I could try to concentrate on it fully.  Seeing as it was also a video of an actual seminar that they gave there were spots that were hard to hear and see on the projector.  However there is a PDF form to go along with it so you can see all the slides that are shown on the projector.

Overall this is a great video to watch and get some incite.  I think some of the topics can help typical children just as much as those that have some type of disability.  Be sure to check out the other reviews from my awesome crew.


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