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Analytical Grammar

VendorAnalytical Grammar
ProductJunior Analytical Grammar
             Grammar Companion DVDS
Age Range: 4th to 5th grade
Price: Book set-$39.95    DVD-$19.95

Junior Analytical Grammar is a teacher book and student work book set. This is set up to be an 11 week course.  That gives you 11 units which each geared towards taking a week to accomplish the unit.  The units all build off of each other so that you can continue on with the other sets from Analytical Grammar.  
The teachers book starts out with each day laid out for you. This is not like a normal teacher book but printed out like someone is actually talking to you and giving you tips on how to teach. After giving your instructions for the 5 days (which are how you do each week) you go to some tricks for each unit.  These are nice to have to give advice on how to teach things that maybe harder to grasp.  Next there is a couple pages of notes that are explaining what you are teaching.  The rest of the book is then the answers to the exercises and tests with a note page before each unit with further help.

The units taught:
Unit 1: Nouns
Unit 2: Articles and Adjectives
Unit 3: Pronouns
Unit 4: Prepositions
Unit 5: Subject and Verb
Unit 6: Adverbs
Unit 7: Patterns 1 & 2
Unit 8: Pattern 3
Unit 9: Linking Verbs and Patterns 4 & 5
Unit 10: Helping Verbs
Unit 11: Conjunctions & Compound Situations

For the week you have 3 work pages then day four is a play with words with the fifth day ending with a test.

The Grammar Companion DVDS that you can purchus to go go with these books has the authors of Junior Analytical Grammar actually teaching the unit and then working with a few of the problems with the child.

How we used it: I used this with my 9 year old daughter. She completed 3rd grade in April. So we are just merging into 4th grade and this was perfect (she tends to be ahead of her level anyways). She is also my more independent child, she would rather do something she can do alone then have to wait for me for instructions.  So I was able to set the DVD up for her and let her watch with her book and follow along.  I would though read through the tips in the teachers book first to prepare her for the day but she got to the point she didn't want my help at all and only came to me to check answers and if she had a question I would then go over the tip for that unit from the teachers book.

You can use the books without the DVD it is just a perk.  The book and teachers book has everything that you need in order to teach your child.  I think the DVD option is good for those that are teaching more than one child and need some help or if you just are not having progress with your child yourself. This book also helps your grade your progress.  No matter what the score was there was an encouraging word for it.  This is a really big deal to my girls.  When they feel like they failed they get major discouraged and do not want to continue on anymore.  The lessons are all pretty short and to the point.  They only take about 20 minutes to do with the child unless they are having a hard time getting it.  It makes it good for those that do not have a long focus and need to get through something quickly.  But it isn't so quick they do not catch the concept being taught.

Overall we all loved it. I think it will be great to finish out this year and move on to the next one.  I also think my other daughter will enjoy this as she hates learning from mom and sometimes her watching someone else teach something makes her feel more confident in it.  I really suggest you check this out and the DVD if you have some kids that need a little boost from someone else.  The videos even pause for the child to work through the problem they are helping use as an example.  It really can be a self taught program like my daughter used.

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