Sunday, July 13, 2014

A student and a mom

Seriously I do not know how much being a student, a mom and a homeschooling mom sucks.  However this is not the point of the post.  No matter how much I feel overwhelmed and I want to crawl in a hole or quit school, I don't.  Would you like to know why I don't?

When I sit down and break open my books, my kids see that.
When I turn the TV off or put my phone down to study, my kids see that.
When I miss out on an event, my kids see that.
When I am working hard and doing lots of research, my kids see that.

So when you think of it my kids see all that I do.  If they see how much I put into school then I am doing my job.  As a parent we are to be role models for our children.  Children are more likely to do as they see not what they are told. I am not saying that you have to go out and start college to be a good mom.  This applies to anything in life.  If you think something is important in your life that you hope your kids will grow up and find it important too then you need to make sure they see it in you.

After all, seeing is believing right?? Homeschooling is hard and even harder when your kids do not find it to be important to work on things. When you show them the importance then they will strive to do better.  I have been a single mom while raising my babies and I still worked hard on my school.  I want my kids to learn that no matter what they battle is in front of you, you can always continue on with your dreams and wants.

I want my kids to see that if it is something important to them they will be able to do it no matter what.  It is also nice that when they see me working they want to work too.  They have learned that school time for mama is quiet time and I pay them the same respect when they are working on something.

Learning is team work and we are a family and a team.

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