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Wizzy Gizmo Review

Wizzy Gizmo Review

Vendor: Wizzy Gizmo
Product: Book Two: In His Image
Age: 4-12
Price: $12.99

Wizzy Gizmo ReviewAbout- This is a 58 page paperback book.  It is the second book in the Wizzy Gizmo children's Bible adventure series. The book is about being created in God's Image.  The kids of Sunnyville are the stars of the book whom go for a ride and find out why they are special and unique.  This book covers chapter two of Genesis in the Bible.  There are vocabulary words highlighted and a glossary.  In the back of the book you will find review questions.

How we used the book- I have kids at different levels of reading and understanding, but all love the Bible.  So I decided this would be best used as a bit of a family study.  I read the book out loud as the kids sat around me.

The main characters are: Wizzy Gizmo a world famous inventor and professor, Qwacky a robotic duck, Pepe the pet dog of Wizzy, Summer the oldest kid of Sunnyville, Thomas the 7 year old, Eli the 8 year old, and Olive who is also 7.

The book starts out with the kids getting together to go visit Wizzy Gizmo to see his new invention.  They get there and they eat and have some fun.  They then go to visit the invention, which is called the Gizmogardengomatic. This leads to seeing another invention of an ice cream maker that will make ice cream out of anything.  All the kids tried different things are were impressed.  They asked Wizzy how he got so creative.  This lead to Wizzy prompting about other creative people that lived a long time ago.
He opened his Bible and began reading them Exodus 35:30-35 which spoke of God giving the people of Israel the skills they needed to build the tabernacle. This began their disscussion of how God made everyone special and the way they needed to be out of his own image.  Everyone needed a special skill and he gave them one.  This lead them to further talking and to an adventure on the Gizmovision.  They got to see and explore the world right after God had created it. This brought more questions and the journey went on.

I loved this book so much. It was easy for the kids to understand and I loved that it told te actual scripture then explained it in terms that the kids could understand. It was a great way to read a part of the Bible and the kids really understand what it ment. We will be doing the first book soon as well and I suggest everyone else check it out too.

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