Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Working on a new home

We are moving into a semi tiny home. It is an A frame house and the bottom floor is just over 500 feet and the top floor probably half I that as it is in the peek of the home. The only down side is the people that were in in before trashed it. So I am having to be thrifty and find good sales and used things to refurnish the house all the way down to floors and kitchen counters. Here isy progress so far and I would love to get tips on ways to save money on redoing a home.

This is the before of the top floor as I'm standing in room two of the top.
This is unfinished room two of top floor.

Progress on my super tiny bathroom, it's bright green. It's so small it only has a stand up shower. No tub for mom to soak in. Boo!!
The kitchen, a work in progress. The stove and dishwasher go on this wall. The kitchen ends right in front of where the stove is..told you tiny!

Kitchen meets dinning room.
A you can tell the carpet is trashed. So we are slowly replacing them with clearance finds. We found some laminate flooring on clearance at homedepot which had a lot of damaged peices so we got a decent deal and got just enough for the front room.
Yea the baby couldn't hang!

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