Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peekapak Review

Peekapak is a monthly story adventure delivered to you. These adventure sets are geared towards kids 4-8 years old.  Each set comes with a story book and props that they children can use to be able to retell the story on their own. Or there is a digital version you can choose.

The book I reviewed was The Peekapak Pals & The Value of Friendship - Printable eBook + Activity and the Coloring eBook. This book talked about friendship and the value it plays.  During the reading of the book there are engaging activities and questions to go along with the story.

At the end of the digital book you will find a "Note to Grown-Ups" which explains what to look for and ask for in he kids.  Then there is a "Digital Peekapak Age Guide", this shows you how to use it with each age range of child. Lastly you have the printable version of the play props and the background. The coloring book allowed the child to color and do activities as well as make their own props.

This was a fun way to have story time with the kids and still be learning and interacting with them.  It was really great to see them replay the story to see what they really remembered and the things that caught onto. I think it gives us as parents a way to see inside our child's head to see how their thought process works. I have a child that has a hard time wanting to be with others and this kind of made me see why he feels that way through the way he reenacted the story himself.

Being able to use props and such lets their imagination flow free.  I loved in the coloring book that they could make their own props.  My kids wanted to make some of them so they could add them into the story as well. Also what kid wouldn't love to get something monthly that is just for them?  You should really try it.

To order the Peekapak you can choose an annual subscription for $19.99 all the way down to a monthly subscription for $24.99.

Order your Peekapak today!

Disclosure: I received a free digital Peekapak in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own, and I was not compensated in any other way.

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