Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Sea Life Aquarium Kansas City Review

Age: Fun for all ages

First thing I would like to note is that upon arrival there is a parking garage that you park in. I was not aware of this so I passed the place and and to turn around and go back. I am not a city girl so maybe most people are aware of this type of thing, oops. Anyways I did not notice how much parking was but on weekends parking is FREE so I did not need to worry about it.

Once we arrived we went to the front desk, which is a split desk paired with LEGOLAND Discovery Center. If you booked your tickets online you need your ID in order for them to pull up your reservation. If not you will be given your option for tickets. They make this easy to choose by having big screens behind the desks that gives the pricing options to choose from.

Once you enter you may stay as long as you like. I think this is what makes you feel better about the cost. There is so much to do as well that if you didn't take your time and see everything you would really miss out on some cool things.

When you first walk in you are greeted with a couple fun pictures that are available to purchase at the end of your journey through the aquarium. These turned out really neat.  They also offer other products made with your picture on it as well.

There are so many cool things to see while here.  They give each child a stamp book.  There are different stations around the aquarium with fun facts and a stamp to stamp your book with.  This helps make sure you have visited all of the aquarium as well as learn some cool things.  If you get all the stamps by the end they give you a neat little necklace.

There is a really awesome touch tank that has someone there to help explain all of the things inside the tank as well as how to properly handle each creature.  My kids thought this was the best part of course. There is such a huge array of fish to see!  The aquarium is not just a simple one either.  There is a huge one that each turn you make you see a different part of.  There are even some that you can stick your head in a bubble so you kinda swimming with the fish :).

I highly recommend going here and enjoying the day with all the fun fish.  It would make a great home school field trip as well to track the different fish seen. Very friendly staff as well.  They were very helpful in making sure you were getting around well and seeing all you wanted to.

The best part is there was a play area at the end that allowed the kids to get wiggles out before heading home.  There is seating for parents as well. I was able to sit and check my email for the day while the kids burned some energy from the visit.

We will be going again and I hope you will too!

*Disclaimer-I received four free tickets in exchange for my honest review.

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