Wednesday, January 20, 2016

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

Do you ever just stop and look down at your shoes?

I went on a small trip to see the Harlem Globetrotters. I am, and never have been, one to like wearing shoes. I can handle flip flops or going barefoot with no issues. Well it is winter so that means I had to wear 'real shoes'. This means hot feet that hurt. So as I'm sitting in a parking lot waiting for the car to warm up I take a look at my shoes.

What came to my mind? I just instantly thought of how many years I have had this pair of shoes. I began thinking of all the times I wore them and where all they have been. Though I am not a fan of wearing them, my shoes have been to lots of places. They have gotten me through some pain. From slipping them on quickly, with no time for socks, and running out the door. They have been there to slip over swollen feet from carrying two babies, as well as to go to the hospital to meet them. They carried those babies into their home for the first time, and many times after.

I find it amusing how something I really could careless about has been such a big part of my life memories that I would have never expected to carry. Maybe this is the real reason women have a shoe fetish?

I finally stopped day dreaming about my shoes and headed home. When I got home my daughter informed me the heel on her boot had fallen off. Another pair of shoes to carry a funny memory of her walking funny into the house with one heel on and one heel off.

Take time to stop and think about what your shoes tell you.

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