Monday, January 18, 2016

The Pilgrim Adventure

Funtastic Unit Studies has some great books. They are fun and engaging for children. I have reviewed from them before so I was very excited to see another product by them.

Our American Series is a set of six books that tell the stories of people through history in different times.  The series is a good fit for kids ages ten to thirteen. 

The book we used was the first of the series,  The Pilgrim Adventure. The book is about twins,  Finn and Ginny, traveling back in time to the Mayflower. They are off on their time travels to find their patents that got stuck in time.  The twins help participate in the making of history.  The book is true events that are turned into the story that the twins are witnessing.  they go through several events including the Oregon Trail and the Civil War.

My daughter that read the book is 11. She has a hard time getting into facts about history and blocks it out. I was very happy to have a fact based story to being history alive to her in a way she could relate. It was no different than reading any other adventure book, except the fact you are learning true events!! Learning doesn't get much better than that.

The books also come with free activity sheets. I also think if you used this book as a read aloud younger children could go along with the story as well. It prompted great conversation. They were saddened by hearing that the pilgrims came with no food and we're hungry. But the sharing of the Indians made them think of sharing our meals with others.

I did recieve this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I am excited to buy the other books for my daughter to read as well. 

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