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Logic of English Review

Logic of English Review
Vendor: Logic of English
Product: Essentials 2nd Edition
Price: $ 198
Age: 7 and up
Logic of English Review
About : Logic of English is a great English curricumum. They are a company that promotes an easier way to learn reading, writing, and spelling. With their multi sensory approach they use 31 spelling rules and 74 basic phonograms. With the Essentinels program it also allows to use up to three years with this one product. The teachers book is easily followed with their one lesson per week plans. The kit comes with the following:
-Essentials Teacher's Guide, Volume 1
- Essentials Student Workbook, Volume 1 (student consumable)
- Spelling Journal (student consumable)
- Morpheme Cards, Set 1
- Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
- Spelling Rule Flash Cards
- Grammar Flash Cards
- Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
- Phonogram Game Cards: Bookface
- Phonogram Game Cards: Manuscript or Cursive
- Phonogram Game Tiles
- Spelling Analysis Card
- Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference
Give your self at least a couple days to look over everything and be able to read in the teacher guide some. There is a lot of stuff so it can seem overwhelming if you don't just break it down to one thing at a time. Once you have gotten your hands on every thing you will see the teacher guide helps walk you through it all. The introduction alone is 40 pages long.

There are 3 levels to this program, each level is a years worth of instruction. You take the placement test to see which level to start your child at; A, B, or C. You can also use each level to be able to teach multiple children at the same time that are at different stages. Next you have about 10 prelessons that wI'll get your child ready for the first level. The lessons are a scheduled to be a week long with 15 lessons total for Vol. 1. Each lesson is broken down daily into 5 days.

Day 1: Essential Concepts. Phonograms, Exploring Sounds, Spelling Rules
Day 2: Building Words. Spelling Journal, Spelling Analysis
Day 3: Words in Context. Spelling Game, Grammar, Dictation
Day 4: Words in Action. Vocabulary, Dictation, Composition. Optional: Essentials Reader
Day 5: Check Your Understanding. Formative assessment

The teachers book has each lesson and completely written out for you. I read from the book to prepare for the lesson to my daughter. We then spend about an hour working on the lesson. My daugher is dyslexic though and we still have not fully grasped reading and spelling well so it takes us longer than if I was using it with my other kids. Each lesson as the coordinating pages in the student book to go along with it. Each week then has different spelling words and goes over the spelling rules. The flashcards help in this area too for the visual kids. My daughter thought the best part of the lessons were the games. Some fun ways to keep the learning going. You also have the option to use the Essential Readers. These are for kids 8 and up struggling with reading. Since my daughter has this issue we were happy to use these too. They give extra practice for them. 

Overall we really are enjoying this program. I have had perks in other programs but this one seems to have an easier way for my dyslexic child to understand rules when it comes to reading and spelling. It's not about memorization like other programs, it gives the kids the why and then they can understand better. She is doing really well and emerging. I think this product would be great for those that have some struggling with their English lessons or those that get overwhelmed with all the rules that there are in other programs. 

Also check out what my other crew mates had to say about the program and the Foundations program for younger kids. 

Logic of English Review

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