Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The face

Sometimes when you are out and about enjoying your life you look up and see this face from people....

Usually it's because I have 5 kids in tow and I've been asked if they were all mine. I feel like I have a small family and there are more important things that deserve that look.
Take a look at that picture again real carefully. You see that giant gator? Ya that's something worthy of that face. The only thing between me and him was a dirt road. I'm pretty sure he had a few smaller buddies on my side too waiting to launch out of the water.

So when when you feel the need to scowl at someone because their life doesn't look like yours....think again. Not only is it hurtful to a mom, it is hurtful to kids hearing you say it. They don't understand why you feel like they have to many brothers and sisters. They may like to fight but they are also the first ones to stand up for each other.
Chances are they will also grow up being more respectful than you and having more manors.

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