Friday, January 26, 2018


Do you ever thank God when you walk into your kitchen and catch a glimps at that beautiful thing under the counter?  I have lived many places and years without a dishwasher, I now have one!  Now I just have to say that that overwhelming pile of dishes after dinner time no longer make me want to run and hide.  I fill the dishwasher and the sink is empty, in all of five minutes.  Well now here comes the part that makes me believe that my dishwasher is a super hero!  

When your young kids have that nasty cough and snotty nose, yet they are still all over their toy, you imagin how much germs are spread.  Well did you know that you can put those plastic toys in the dishwasher to sanatize them?  Just make sure you do air dry if your dishwasher has the option or stop it before the drying option.  

Next on the how cool list is your toothbrushes!  You can santize them in there as well by putting them in like a mesh bag and let them go.  You can also sanatize your combs and brushes this way too.

Lastly, the best option for cleaning your dishwasher is to pour vinager in the bottom when empty and run it through a cycle.  This helps get rid of lime build up as well as give it a boost in its sanitation.

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