Friday, January 12, 2018


Sometimes I lay in bed wondering about my day as I drift off to sleep. Other times my mind is plagued with far to much on my mind. It is like a running list that never ends. However, I can’t go to sleep till it does end. Then there are the nights that the thought of sleeping brings fear and sadness. 

Fear of reliving the past over again. jumping up in a horrid sweat trying to figure out if it was really happening again. That only brings on the sadness of remember the past that you fear so much. 

Sometimes you just want to go to sleep quick before you have to much time to think of the sadness. You want to be asleep before you break. 

These two of nights I lay in my bed until my eyes take over and close themselves. If my mind is to tired to fight for me to stay awake, it will be to tired to torment me in my dreams. 

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