Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sound For Life Ltd Review

Product: Soundsory
Age: Minimum of 3 years old

About: Sound for Life Ltd gave me the great chance to review Soundsory. Soundsory can be used with any age from 3 and up. It is a multi-sensory program that comes with headphones. The program has specifically designed music that is processed with neuro-acoustic modifications that you add in movement based exercises to. It it meant to help those with delays such as; motor, balance, and coordination. It can also help those on the autism spectrum or with other developmental delays. Also with things like sensory and auditory processing disorders, ADD, and ADHD. This program is 30 minutes long and should be used each day for 40 days. The days are split into two parts with the first part being 25 minutes of rhythmic music listening and the second part of the day is 5 additional minutes of music to be added to the provided body movement exercises that you find on their website. You can do things like color, draw, dance, or play while listening to the music. They also recommend a 4 week break in between repeating of the program.

How we used: We used this with my son that has ADHD as well as being on the autism spectrum. the headphones fit him, but could be a bit smaller for his head at 5 years old. He liked how once he heard the music it actually helped block out background noise. This actually helped him be able to concentrate when drawing and stuff. Normally he hears anything he has to turn look and gets distracted so much longer than he actually participates in the activity he is doing. I will say he hasn't been to fond of the movements. He doesn't like people watch him do things so it was hard trying to show him without him being embarrassed.  Overall so far I really like it.  I like that it helps him be focused and pay attention to his work at hand and less all over the place.

I recommend that anyone with a kiddo that needs some help focusing really look into this.

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Soundsory {Sound for Life Ltd Reviews}

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