Saturday, March 2, 2013

Busy season

This has been the busiest season of the past year.  Dealing with three kids, homeschooling, college, trips, and so much more is stressful.  Being a single mom means I must be superwoman!!   Not really but sometimes it feels like you have to be in order to do it all. 

Cold weather means a lot of staying in doors.  I don't have the biggest house on the block either, it can get cramped fast.  When the kids have no way to run some energy off they get very cranky.  From past post you may know that I did not have TV at all.  Well we finally bit the bullet and bought a $10 set of rabbit ears.  May I say I love you PBS, the Krat Brothers rock!  Not to mention they are very educational.  Also Word Girl and Word World is pretty cool too.  Yes I let my kids indulge in some TV time for my own sanity.  I guess I should step down from supermom and be plain mom again :) .  

Homeschooling at this time of the year also  means more fighting.  They are bored with it and we can't use the sunshine to cheer us up to do our work outside plus we are still missing our time off that we had during Christmas break.  Not to mention MY school work.  I am coming near the end of the current class and that means REPORTS!  One downside to online college is all of the writing.  I type so many words everyday between forums, blogs, texts, and social networks that I should be much fast than I am.  I am still waiting for the super power of instant typing to happen so I don't have to pay attention it will just do it from brain waves.


Then the fun part was the kids dad decided last minute he wanted a visitation.  He lives about 17 hours away in the south.  So as much as I hate driving there is no way I will turn down a paid trip to the beach AND get a break from the kids I did it.  We left and I actually made it driving straight through!!!  That was a first for me, I usually have to stay over night somewhere.  I gave the kids over to their dad with school work in tow!  He was never a part of homeschool so it was very comical.  I went and walked the beach and sat in my hot tub awaiting the calls of "How do I?" :).  Maybe I should move back up to superwoman since I still didn't get a complete break because nothing works right with out mom.

Anyways we are back home and trying to get back into our own routine.  Just remember that even when things get stressful we always make it through it, even without super powers.


  1. Glad you could enjoy a bit of a break at the beach and in a hot tub. Hope there weren't too many phone calls to interrupt! Welcome back home - have a great week!

  2. Glad you could enjoy some you time at the beach! It's hard being a single mom. Been there done that before. Hope you have a great week :)

  3. The beach sounds wonderful! You have full plate and deserved every minute of it!

  4. We love making beach trips! How fun! Welcome back to reality! :) We're gearing up for spring. So ready for warm weather and outside time......and swimming!