Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Your calling?

Things are always changing around me.  It seems as soon as I get into a routine something knocks me over *not pointing fingers God :)*.  I think sometimes the good man upstairs doesn't want me getting comfortable.  I still have no clue what my calling in life is meant to be but I am guessing one of these days when I find out it is going to be something that keeps me on my toes.

My life is not what I ever expected it to be!  I remember being in high school dating a guy I had been with 3 years and just knew I would marry him.  Of course he isn't who I ended up with.  I got married to a person that was completely different than me.  I thought we maybe that is what I needed, plus being a bit of a rebel of teen wanting out of my home I got married and moved out at 18.  I can not say that I ever regret getting married because I know God put him in my life for my babies and to teach me something.  I know that is a big religious debate on its own seeing as most believe divorce is wrong.  In my eye God does not put ANYONE in your life that he does not mean for you to cross paths with.  I also know my God is a FORGIVING God and wants me to live a happy fulfilling life.  After all he does say all sins are forgivable.

I am not only 27 and it seems as if 10 years ago was 100 years ago.  I had three babies and went to cosmetology school.  Might I add that I was still breastfeeding on demand at that time!!!  The owners and teachers at my school were amazing and I happened to live right behind the school.  My husband at the time would bring my son over anytime he was hungry and I would feed him and get back to class or the floor.  That is one thing I am very proud of, making it through school with a child and he never once had a bottle in his mouth!  This is such a big thing for me as breastfeeding was a lot harder with my other two and they did end up with bottles.

Fast forward to now I still have 3 wonderful and healthy children.  I am a licensed cosmetologist and I am currently in year 2 of my BS in Business and Accounting degree.  I am lucky enough that I am still a stay at home mom though.  We live a minimalist lifestyle with the exclusion of having internet!  Thankfully my school loans pay my internet or I wouldn't have it either.  Sometimes my days are filled with stress and anger not knowing if I am doing the right things.  Sometimes I know what I am doing is best and though it maybe rough I will pull through it.

One day I know God will decide to finally give me my calling and I know I will be ready.  You never know he maybe keeping me on my toes now only to make my calling something that is so simple that I will get to rest in my later years!  Until then my calling is to be there for my kids the best I can.

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  1. If you're obeying God in raising your family and homeschooling, I'd bet that's your calling right now. ;-) And there will always be something new around the corner, and God is always preparing us for what's next!