Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back to the grind

It is so hard to get back to the grind of school when you have been off for so long.  It doesn't help that we keep getting lots of bad weather that is causing the public schools to close as well.  It is so easy to say no school for us if public school is out too.  

I think the biggest struggle is having a new baby in the mix.  Taking care of him and trying to give full attention to the kids is trying.  I know we will eventually get into a good routine and I need to give it time.  If anyone has any tips on how to get back into the swing of things after a birth let me know.

I am also still very tired from birth.  I lost a lot of blood, my hemoglobin was a 6 when it should be at least 13.  I declined the transfusion  since I wasn't having any symptoms besides tiredness.  So I am trying to build that back up with lots of iron.  Also a couple days ago I noticed my incision is coming open in two spots.  So far they said just keep it clean and dry.  I am going to give it till Monday and go to the doc if it seems to be getting worse.  I am still having lots of pain in my belly area.  I can't get a full cough out with out pain let alone go to the bathroom comfortably.

On the up side nursing is going very well and Syler is growing just fine.  He is a picky eater and only likes to eat with me sitting up and in the football hold.  With my last he didn't care how I held him (he would have been fine upside down) he would chow down.

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