Thursday, January 30, 2014

Testing time?

Do any of you have to do state testing as part of your homeschool requirement? Or do any I you do it just for your information?

In Arkansas we have do state testing from 3rd to 9th grade. The results are not even sent to the state just us. We can either attend a host site that gives the test or we can purchase a test from one of the approved suppliers and administer the test ourselves and submit our receipt of proof.

We just received our registration packet and I am trying to decide on doing the test myself or taking my 3rd grader to the host site.  In a way I think she may do better at the host site because she will know she can't ask for help. However I still don't like the whole testing idea in general. What would you do, or do you do in this situation?

On another note Kiya did all the testing at the local public school to determine a learning disability. We had not received the official results because of all the snow days and such getting everyone behind. We have an appointment this coming Tuesday to go over those results. I am nervous as heck. I don't want anything more to be wrong with her but I know she has an issue, so far they say ADD and Dyslexia. I want her to be able to get help that she needs. If they determine she needs it they will give her an IEP ad that will help her next year when she is in third grade and has to test. She will either be excuse from testing or she will get help with the test. 

Until then she does great with video learning. I she hears what she is learning she remembers every bit of it. 

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