Thursday, March 6, 2014

Back to Georgia

After a long two years (almost) I made my way back to GA. I missed the beach and the homeschool community so much. Though I am still worried about making it with cost of living being triple what it is on Arkansas. I know God made me a way here and he will take care of me. 

Can't wait for more adventures in the sand! The kids found sand dollars this week so we looked up information on them. It was very interesting to see a larva of one. They are not something that seems like a true 'animal of the sea' as when you find them washed up they are nothing but a limitless stone.

Baby wearing on the beach will be my new look. Lol Syler loved the sun, he loves water and he will be old enough I hope before summer is over to be able to play in the shallow as the water washes up the shore. The kids have already been begging to swim but it's still a buy cold and we have had lots of rain. So we got a hotel with a pool for now. 

I think we have found a house! We will find out this weekend I hope. Funny thing is it is only a few blocks down the same street I lived on before. It's a good area and super close to both malls, and everyday shopping. I also know all the residential roads so I never have to drive on the main road in traffic just to go to the store. There is also an extra den I can  make into a school room. The bad part is deposits and all will tap me out so I won't be able to afford to go back to Arkansas for awhile to get my stuff out of storage. This will suck as we have no furniture. Hope I can find a cheap air mattress lol.

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