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ScienceandMath.com Review

ScienceandMath.com Review
Vendor: ScienceAndMath.com
ScienceandMath.com Review
Product: Amazing Science, Volume 1
ScienceandMath.com Review
Price: Download $14.99
DVD $17.95
Age: Grades 1-3
I loved reviewing Amazing Science I think as much as my kids. First of all check out the preview of it below.

Amazing Science is a 2 DVD set.  Between the 2 DVD's there are 23 different science experiments. All the experiments are very easy to understand for this age group.  Most of the things needed for the experiments are things your probably already have on hand, if not they are super easy to obtain (no off the wall ingredients).

Some of the things that Amazing Science covers are heat, electricity, magnetism, chemistry, and physics.  These experiments are also good for kids a little older or younger than the recommended age.  

There are several different camera angles taken during the experiments.  This helps you feel like you are right there watching in person.  It also allows you to fully see what is going on during it as well.

The first science experiment we did was of course the color changing milk.  Since I had everything handy; milk, food color, dish soap, plate, and cotton swab.

Holding a 2 month old and keeping the 5 year old from getting food coloring all over the floor I was unable to take any pictures myself.  However the kids LOVED this.  My 7 year old loves tie dye so she was in heaven making all the colors mix and explode. It is always great when you are able to make learning so much fun that they beg to do it all day.

The guy in the DVD is Jason, he speaks clearly and loudly so everything is easy to hear.  He uses words that are easy to understand for younger kids.  This was nice as some of the things I was unsure of why it worked myself.  I am glad it not only showed the experiment but also told why it worked.  Also I liked the list that popped up on the materials that you need when the experiment stops.  We paused it and obtained what we needed and continued.

We do science about 3 times a week. So we watched a few experiments each day.  Each one is only about 10-15 minutes long on the DVD so it did not get to boring for the young minds.  We tried a few out on the ones we had things for, but it was nice still learning about the others even though we didn't have the supplies for them.

The kids thought it was awesome to see all the cool things that you can do with things around the house.  Although  now I have to guard the milk as it was their favorite.  It also prompted them to think about what other things they could use and if it would do the same thing or not.  So we tried baby oil and it did not work.  It was nice to see their minds thinking beyond what was given to them in the DVD.

The only think that could have made this better would be to have a pre-printed list of supplies in the DVD sleeve so that we would know what to have before watching it. 

I suggest you go check them out for some fun and easy science.

You can also get free science and math videos in your email by signing up on their website, ScienceAndMath.com  

Check them out on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ScienceAndMath.com

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