Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Coming Back

Two years ago I left the beautiful town of Savannah. I have finally made my way back almost exactly two years forward. Some of my stuff I had left here in storage thinking I would never see it again. First thing I pull out is my trusty Mr. Calendar. This old thing was used everyday teaching my girls the days of the week and the months, all while Micah threw things at us through the door of our school room. Now Micah will get to sit with us and learn it too. Then eventually Syler will be throwing stuff at us while we learn.

I love my family and I love having my kids home where I know they are safe from the outside. I love that all my children learn different and at different speeds and they can continue at their own pace without being forced to go at someone else's pace.

If they need to stop for a drink they can do so without having to beg a teacher or walk down a long hall to get to it. 

If we need a mental break to revamp our minds we can take it and only be a step away from being back at work.

Most specially is we can have random learning experiences to interrupt our day and teach us about how a refrigerator works and how you repair one. Is that a better skill that you will use in the real world vs making sure your letters are written the perfect size and placement?

Plus what is better than telling your child that asks about a brick school what it is like and seeing this face!!

Homeschooling rocks!!

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