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Go Science Review

Go Science Review

Product: Go Science DVDs
Price: $8.97 per DVD
Age Range: 4-12 years old

Go Science Review

Library and Educational Services is a small family business that has been around for 37 years. They are a wholesale distributor but they consider homeschool the same as a school.  They also offer the same prices to homeschools as they do brick and mortar schools.  All of their products are from the Christian stand point and science is evolution-free. There are a total of seven DVDs in the series. The DVDs that I had a chance to review were the Volume 5: States of Matter, Water and the Volume 2: Life Science, Weather, Light , Space.

The kids and I love science and everything about it.  Sometimes it is hard for me to come up with things to talk to them about though, or the just plain get tired of hearing me.  We love videos as well and this was a blast to get to review.  These videos are experiments done by Ben Roy. The videos are about 55 minutes long with each experiment lasting 3-10 minutes. 

Our first go around we watched the movies all the way through.  They were bit exciting to the kids but they lost interest quickly. Since there is no supply list or a break down of the experiments we couldn't have everything readily available to do them along with the movie.  We ended up watching them again doing each segment separately and talking about them.  There were some that we were able to watch a few times and do them at home.  Some though were fun to watch as they required things we wouldn't be able to use or obtain.

The movie is a bit outdated but they are cheap and do make a good little addition to your current curriculum.  I would suggest these would be good for a mama sick day.  Like a day when you need to sit back and let the kids do some video learning.  Also they kids seemed distracted by the kids in the videos.  They liked that they were helping but they did not seem to pay attention when the kids talked.

We did though overall enjoy them.  The kids ended up making butter.  This one was found on the volume 5 video.  Last year we did the experiment with the Oobleck so we just talked about it.

Here is our butter.  The kids loved making it and they loved how it tasted.  I wouldn't normally look upon eating butter by itself but the kids were scooping it out with their fingers.  I couldn't help myself but be overjoyed at seeing them be so happy about making something for themselves that is generally a bought item. This was by far the best video out of the two.  It had more things we could do or have done in the past.

Volume 5 contains some of following experiments: Ice Cream, Oobleck, Ice Block Melt, Run Through Corn Starch and Water, Making Butter, and Burning Water.  There are others but these were our favorites.

Volume 2 contains some of the following experiments: Flashlight-Animal Eyes, Bobby Pins, Naked Eggs, Fire Tornado, and Cloud in a Bottle were our favorites for this one.  Once again there are others on the video.

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