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Kinder Cottage Publishing Review

Kinder Cottage Review
Vendor: Kinder Cottage Publishing
Products: Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper
Price: $4 each
Age: 3-9 years old
Kinder Cottage ReviewKinder Cottage Review

I don't know about in your home, but in my home we jump for joy when we get a new book.  Kinder Cottage Publishing allowed me to review two books of theirs; Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper and How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea.  These are hardback books that are 5x7 in size, perfect for little hands.  Both are 64 pages in length and have colorful illustrations that are similar in style to the original versus of Peter Rabbit. The pages are set up to having the reading on the left side and the picture on the right side of the book.

I remember reading Peter Rabbit when I was a kid.  His silly little antics always kept me wanting to read more. These books always tell an adventure that is takes and might I add ones he shouldn't take.

How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea is a story about Peter Rabbit getting in trouble for forgetting the cabbage and leaving his family to have no food.  His mama spanks his butt which brings him to run off and start his adventure.  His siblings and him make some popcorn and then Peter decides to play in the brook even though his mother told him not to.  So the book goes on to tell about his adventure at "sea" till he returns home and goes to bed.  It was a very good book and the kids loved it.  They were sad that he got a spanking though, we do really spank in our home so it was a bit new to them.  They were not sure why he got a spanking with paddle either versus a hand and they insisted it could have really hurt him.  So I suggest if you do not believe in spanking or want to introduce the topic to your children you skip this one in the set or pass the page on by.  It is a pretty good story otherwise.  
As you can see it does look a little scary and maybe if you plan on reading this to younger children.  My kids are 9, 8, and 5 and I was able to explain to them in a way they didn't freak out.

Peter Rabbit and Jack the Jumper is about Jack the Jumper coming to get Peter the Rabbit and go to McGregor's cabbage patch while his mom was away.  Peter was to stay in the yard, but of course we knew he wouldn't because that is not what Peter does. This continues on to his adventures going out of his yard, I won't spoil the details.  This book had lots more to read than the other one as well.

Overall these were great little books.  This is 2 books out of a set of 10. They make great bed time stories which is what we used them for.  We did end up using it as a little lesson too talking about why we should listen to our parents and that anything could happen when you disobey.  This books are a funny little gentle way to teach kids that.  We are not all perfect and we will make mistakes.  It is better to know what could happen if you choose not to mind so it's best to learn about it and be able to make the right choice.
Kinder Cottage Review

Be sure to check out the other reviews and learn about the other books in this series to decide if you would like the collection for your home.  Once again they are only $4 a book or you can get the whole set for $30.  Also you can enter code TOS and receive a 20% discount, which makes it even that much better of a deal! These would make a great little set to have in your school room for the kids to read or even as a gift for an upcoming birthday for your little reader.  I can't convince you anymore by myself to get these books, we will be getting the rest of the set, so check out my fellow crew members reviews down below.

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