Thursday, April 21, 2016

Apologia Educational Ministries Review

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

Price: $89.00 Full Set
Age: 4th through 8th grade

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

About: Learning to write well has been a struggle at my house so I was excited to try this new writing program, Writers in Residence from Apologia Educational Ministries. Apologia Educational Ministries is a company I have used before and I am never disappointed with their faith based curriculum. The Writers in Residence is an all in one writing curriculum that includes grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. The student text book is also the workbook. This saves having multiple books to keep track of. Also included is the answer guide that has directions and guidance. The lesson guide has your lessons planned out in a four day work week for thirty-two weeks. The pages are nice with a bigger font and colorful. There is a spot in the front that tells you how to use the book. There is also a Christian Writers spotlight that gives some information about those writers. An introduction to the writing process is also included. Its a flow chart type of process which was easy to follow and to the point. 

The unit starts with and introduction explaining what the unit will be about and what kind of things you will learn. Then next is the rubric for your writing to show the child what all they need to make sure to do in their paper. Then you have the module 1 that gives the assignment and gives sections to help you get the information needed for your writing topic. Like the first topic is when you were young. You will then find a memory chart which allows the child to fill in the spots with their information and memories.  More helpful information and a place to write your draft. This unit you are learning some parts of speech like verbs. Then write your story and the final checklist. Then you continue on to other things under the same topic for Unit one. Unit one will take about 15 weeks to complete. We were able to only complete the first few weeks for the review. 

I used this with my 5th grader. She is really good at self teaching. This book made it great for that as it is all there in one book and it gave her everything in step by step processes. She is my child that has about zero imagination and it has been very hard for her to write stories since she is not good at thinking things up. I was glad that this really broke it all down for giving her each leading topics to help her come up with each piece of her story. It helped her brainstorm ideas and have them wrote down and then allowed her to be able to put them together. The checklist is great for her to be able to check back and make sure she input each thing that was needed.  Overall we love this and I can't wait to get through the unit to see how well she can do in the next. It will be so much easier when she learns to do this on her own after we complete the book. Being able to write is such a helpful gift that will help in so many other subjects through life. 

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Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

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