Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Trigger Memory Co. Review

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
Vendor: The Trigger Memory Co.
Product: Times Tales
Price: $19.95
Age: 5 years old and up
The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

About: The Trigger Memory Co. Gave me the wonderful chance to review Times Tales. Times Tales works for kids from about 5 and up that are working on their times tables. This is a digital download of the game to your computer. It is a mnemonic-based program to help your child memorize the multiplication facts. They use cute storylines to help trigger memory. This teaches the following facts: 3x6,3x7,3x8,3x9,4x6,4x7,4x8,4x9,6x6,6x7,6x8,6x9,7x7,7x8,7x9,8x8,8x9, and 9x9. It is real simple to download and start using it with in twenty-four hours. You also get access to printables that you can download on PDF files. These contain things like games, flashcards, and crossword puzzles. Also, this can be used with multiple kids!! No extra cost and they can use all the same things. This is real helpful for those that have more than one child working at the same time. Or even to keep on your computer to use for the younger kids when they get to that point.
The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

Like I mentioned before the program is a story line and the numbers are characters. Like number 4 is a chair. The story is they play musical chairs with the 6th grade. I think this helps kids that are more visual or even those that get bored easily with the monotony of just looking at a bunch of number. Also I have a daughter that is dyslexic so it kind of helps then see the numbers the correct way. You watch a part which introduces you to your number aka character and watch its story. During the time watching the stories the child will be quizzed. It's good to rewatch part that they may not have done so well on. You can also use the things that come on the PDF files for extra practice.

We used this with both my girls. One breezed through it as she is pretty good at knowing her facts but she needed some practice on speed. My other daughter was slower and she is also dyslexic so we have had to watch stories several times for her to get some of them. However since it's stories she hasn't complained like she would had I just been making her do worksheets. She wasn't fond of doing the extra work but my older daughter enjoyed the crossword puzzles.

I think this is a good program for anyone anyone that needs some practice on their facts. Or just wants to add a fun way of working on them into the mix. These are the higher multiplication facts so if your child is just starting to learn then it might be a little harder for him. It would be better to get them going before moving to this. Otherwise it is an amazing program and we really love working on it.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and check out what my other crew members had to say.
Times Tales by the The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW

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