Friday, April 15, 2016

You know you're a mom when

How true does this ring for your home? Maybe it is because I have 5 kids that I understand this oh so well. Say it's lunch time. You start cooking up something to eat. 

Oh ya get the kid out of the toilet. Send him to play with his sibblings. 

Go back to cooking... oh now they are fighting. 

Ok everyone mis come sit to eat. You dish out everyone a plate. 

Now there is a spilled drink you must clean up. 

Get it clean and go to sit down.  Wait! She wants second.  He needs his cut up. Oh and she needs ketchup, you know because forbid there ever be a meal without ketchup. 

Sit down again and yip, you smell it too huh? The baby pooped. There is no one going to be eating while smelling that. Go change her.

Back to the table again. My food is cold and everyone else is done and all that is left is a table full of dirty dishes. 

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