Friday, October 30, 2015

Feet and Leg Pains?

I know most of us parents have days where we are on our feet from the time we wake up until we go down for the night.  I know when I have these times I get the dullest achy pains in my legs and feet.  I have also had this problem when working (I am a stylist) and being on my feet in pretty much one place all day.  Well a few months back I had a man that was talking to me, couldn't believe he was 85, and telling me about all the things he does on a daily basis.  This man is a painter and still goes up and down ladders and works a farm by his self with little help from his wife.  I had to ask him what his secret was, because I am young and still could not even fathom going up and down a ladder all day and not be sore.  He said first of all he has a motto, "As long as I can go I am going to go.  The day I stop will be the day I die."  He said that he has realized the more he does the younger he feels and that when he slows down he starts feeling old.  I was really intrigued by this.  He went on to say that he does not take RX medications either, as he feels they have more negative side affects than positive, he take all natural remedies and vitamins.  I asked him what would help my sore tired legs and feet and with out a pause he said Selenium.   Now I will say I was very skeptical because my feet have hurt me since I was a teen when I would be on them to long.  Well with in a couple weeks of taking this I have no more pains.  It is great, now if I do miss my dose I sure notice.  Now if you read up on this stuff it has a ton of rad things that it helps.  Check it out!

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