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Progeny Press Review

Progeny Press Review

Progeny Press Review Vendor: Progeny Press

Product: Miss Rumphius

Age: Lower Elementary/K-3rd grade

Price: $11.99

About: Miss Rumphius Study Guide by Progeny Press is for lower elementary kids. You may see a sample of the study guide by looking here. The study guide is written by Dory Zinkand.  This guide is to go with the book Miss Rumphius that is written by Barbra Cooney. The total pages for this study guide is 43.

Miss Rumphius is a picture book about a woman named Miss Alice Rumphius, but is narrated by her niece that is also named Alice. The book was written in the setting of the 1900's in Main. The book tells of her adventures she takes that are based upon the three goals she wanted to complete in her life. The book is very engaging for the kids and keeps their attention. Please note that this book is not included in your purchase of this study guide.

Then we turn to the study guide. It is sectioned out into three main parts; Alice the child setting her goals, her travels around the world, and making the world a better place. Each section is broken down into the following:

Comprehension Questions
Looking at Artwork
Dig Deeper
Projects and Activities
Grammar and Geography

There is also an answer key in case you may need it. There are also initial instructions on how to use the study guide at the first of packet. 

How we used: We went over the study guide to begin. I have learned that my kids will listen better and be more alert to what they are learning if they know what is going to be expected of them afterwards.  So we looked at what we would have to do in the study guide before we started reading the book. We then read through the book and went into the study guide. We worked on the study guide about 4 days a week. We aimed to work on different parts each day. The vocabulary section lets you draw things that help you remember what the word means. This was a neat little spin on doing vocabulary for us. There were multiple choose questions as well as fill in your answer. This was a bit much for my younger kids, seven and nine, so we did a big portion out loud and I would fill in the answers for them. There is a section that brings the Biblical views out of it as well. This is always a nice added touch to any work. I think it helps my kids understand the Bible better than regular Bible studies do. 

I think this study guide would be great for any Christian family that wants to make sure their kids are understanding their readings. I also think it is great for homeschoolers to use as a stand alone reading assignment. I do think maybe the age range is not as good of a fit for this, it seems like it would be better for older students because of all the writing work that has to be done. Otherwise I do not have any complaints on the guide. It worked out fine for us to work together and do it out loud and still get the same results. An older student maybe able to do it more independently with out any extra assistance from the parent.

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Progeny Press Review

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