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Brookdale House Review

 Brookdale House Review
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Price: $22.95 e-book

 Brookdale House Review  About: Brookdale House presents Drawing Around the World: USA . This is a 282 page printable e-book that you can use with multiple children.  It is a hands on drawing geography program that is using the Charlotte Mason Method of teaching. It is meant to help children be able to memorize the 50 states and the state capitals. They have a suggested weekly schedule of four days a week for 27 weeks. There are also suggested links to that you can use as well.

Day 1: Introduction to new state for the week. You will complete the state fact table. You will also find and labEl the new state on the dashed black and white mat. Then to finish the day you will draw all states studies thus far.

Day 2: You will find and lable each new state on the dashed, black and white map. Then drawing all the states studied so far.

Day 3: Repeat day two again to help repetitive learning.

Day 4: You will list all states you have learned so far from memory. Then you will once again draw all the states from memory as well.

How we used: We decided to follow the schedule that was laid out for us in the book. We generally only work four days a week anyways leaving Friday for catching up or fun days. So on day one I would make sure to have all the papers printed for the week. I do not have unlimited internet, so instead of using the suggested links for state facts we went to the library and would pick out books that were for the states we were learning about for the week. Plus having the actual books helps be more hands on than looking at the screen. I have a dyslexic nine year old that does better with the books as well. We would then complete the facts page and practice drawing the state. Day two we locate the states on the big map and draw all states learned. Day three is pretty much a review and doing the same as day two. Repetition to help the learning. Then finally for day four we did the list from memory to see what they have learned without looking. Also trying to draw them all without looking and get them in the right place.

Super fun study and my kids loved it. If we had troubles remembering we changed from a four day plan to a five day week to practice them again. I think this would be fun for homeschoolers or not. If your child is interested in the states this gives them the whole outline they need in order to learn them. I know some public schools require you to learn all abbreviations in a lesson and this could help if your child needs further practice. Plus what kid doesn't like to draw and be even more happy when they can draw all the states in the USA. Be sure to give it a look over and just see how your child responds.

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 Brookdale House Review

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