Thursday, September 25, 2014

Callie's Contest of Courage Review and Giveaway

Jan May is a homeschool author as well as a veteran homeschool mother of two. Her books are of Godly character as well. New Millennium Girls Books are published by her.  I was very excited to let my daughter read Callie's Contest of Courage, which sells for $7.95. This book is geared towards tween girls.

Callie's Contest of Courage is about an eleven year old girl named Callie. One thing about Callie is that she is very much an animal lover.  In this book it talks about how she has been waiting around all year to enter some photos into a I Love Nature Photo Contest. You see Callie has a dad that is an award winning photographer himself.  She was going to utilize her dad to help her win the contest.  He also left her with his camera to use! Sadly Callie's dad is also in the Marines and was deployed during this time.  She tries to keep in contact with him through emails which eventually stopped. Then you will have to read the rest to learn how she continued her journey.

I reviewed over the book before giving it to my daughter.  My daughter is not yet a tween, 9 years old, but she is an excelled reader and I knew she would like it. I gave her the book and let her read it.  We usually do a 30 minute a day requirement in our homeschool lessons of reading.  Sometimes though she would get hooked and want to read more, which is always OK. She said the book was really fun to read and kept her wanting to read more because she felt bad for Callie's dad leaving and wanted to make sure she would be OK.

  I love a book that can keep my child on their toes wanting more.  I also love even more having a book that has God's heart in it.  Reading about them saying prayers and living by the grace of God is great for kids to be reading about these days.  Not many books out there are for young girls that show a Christian family that is realistic and that the girls can relate to and maybe have them look up to.  I know my daughter has had more want in finding some good Bible versus to have handy when she is feeling down now.

We also received another great perk to this book in the form of a study guide.  We love it when we can make more of our reading into school work. The study guide is broke down to a section for each chapter.  Each section starts with some literature focus questions.  These questions help you recap what you read in the story.  The next part is discussion questions.  These also go over what is read but then dig a little further and even open up about how you would do things. Then each part as some sort of activity to do as a little hands on and finally the vocabulary words.  I think it was really well put together and had some amazing questions that were great for my daughter to think on.

The study guide is $8.95 but currently you can get it free by signing up to New Millennium Girl Books here.

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  1. This sounds like a good book. My daughter is also 9 and LOVES animals. Thanks for hosting :)

  2. We have read Isabel but not Callie yet. We would love to win this. If not, we are looking at buying it for our oldest daughter for Christmas. Thanks for the giveaway. - Lori H