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Heirloom Audio Productions Review

Analytical Grammar Review

Vendor: Heirloom Audio Productions
Product: Under Drake's Flag
         This comes with a audio CD with study guide and Prayer              inside. There is also another study guide you can download.
Age: 6 to adult
Price: $29.95

About- If you like History with a little twist this audio set is for you.  Instead of teaching your self you get to push play and let your children listen to the sea adventure.  Under Drake's Flag by Heirloom Audio Productions is based on a novel by G.A. Henty.  The two disk set is 2 hours long.  The downloadable study guide is 30 pages long with three sections; Listening Well, Thinking Well, and Defining words. The Listening Well section is where you can go over to make sure your child understood the story.  The Thinking Well is a section to get your child to think deeper about the story and tell their ideas. Then the Defining words section you go over defining the vocabulary in the story.

The story is set in the time of the Spanish Inquisition, 1572.  The story is based around a boy named Ned Hawkshaw who saves someone from drowning, thus catching the eye of Captain Sir Francis Drake.  This leads the captain to offer Ned to chance to sail around the seas with him.  He accepts and they take off for many adventures, such as shark attacks and being shipwrecked.  

How we used it- My kids are 9, 8 and 6 so we broke the story down to 30 minute listen times.  I allowed them to color while listening so they did not get antsy.  They seemed to enjoy it, it took a minute to get into the story as they have never did an audio only study but they figured it out quickly.  They got into the story and enjoyed waiting for us to listen to the next section until we finished.  We then went over the study guide that came with the CD as it is pretty much the same as the download but simpler.  I think the download version would be good for a whole unit study on the Spanish Inquisition or older children. We just used it as a fun break from our normal studies. Things like this are great to give mom a bit of a teaching break.

Overall- This was a great audio learning disk.  It was a first for us and we really enjoyed it.  I love how it was faith based and it showed them trusting in God to get them through.  It is not often you get a history lesson while getting a lesson on the great deeds of the Lord.  The only people I see that would not like this was people looking for secular only learning.  I think this would even be good for those in public school wanting to help their child get into history a little bit more.  I have to say being able to listen to a story fill with great audio music and effects was very exciting. I also think this would work well for those doing a unit study on the Spanish Inquisition as it would really set some interest in learning more about it. I really believe all ages would love this as well since I know it perked my interest as well and I am not much into history. 

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