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Clued In Kids Review

Clued In KidsReview

Vendor: Clued in Kids
Product: Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt 

Clued In KidsReview

and Winter Treasure Hunt
 Clued In KidsReview

Age: 4+
Price: PDF file is $5.99

About: Clued in Kids is a company that makes learning fun using treasure hunts.  My kids absolutely love treasure hunts but I have to be honest and say that I have always sucked at making them.  I also never thought about using them for learning either.  Clued in Kids  uses many different subjects to make a clue.  This was an awesome concept I thought.  I have a couple children that hate to do work and so I have to make things fun in order to get them interested.  I was very excited to get this review.

The Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt's PDF file is 8 pages long and the first page being the instructions. There are 12 clues and they all have to do with Thanksgiving.  There are things like questions about Thanksgiving to dares of flapping like a turkey.  They aslo have a clue that you put in the mirror to be able to read, and many more. There is also subtraction problems to complete to figure out clues as well.  The last page has the answers to it. 

The Winter Treasure Hunt's PDF file is 8 pages long as well.  The first page being the logo and instructions for setting up the clues. Each page after that has 2 clues per page. The clues are made up of things like letter decoding, word scrambles, multiplication, telling time and many more. There are 12 clues in all.  The last page has the answers for you as well.

How we used: My children that used the hunts are 9, 8 and 6 years old.  I printed out the clues and placed them around the house while they were told to play in their room.  Once hidden I brought them down and gave them the first clue along with basic instructions on what they were going to be doing.  Some of the clues were definitely far to hard for my 6 year old and would not have been able to do them on his own.  Some of them were even a little tricky for my 9 year old.  She is pretty advanced but we have not really went over specific details of Thanksgiving, like dates and such.  One on the clue cards for that one wanted to know the year and how many passengers on the ship.  Had we not been doing Halloween theme things I probably would have did a whole lesson on this before we did this hunt so they would have been prepared.  So really it is not that big of a deal when you are picking these out for the right time frame for you.  Being a review I had to just put them in the mix of things with not much prep time. 

Overall these are super fun but for younger children be prepared to help out or have older kids that they can team with to help them answer the questions. I do believe everyone should try at least one out.

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