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New Liberty Videos Review

New Liberty Videos Review

Age: Good for a variety of ages. May want to preview it to make sure all parts are ok with your child.
Price: $19.95

New Liberty Videos Review

About: New Liberty Videos makes Christian DVDs.  The company was founded by Brian Barkley, whom was a Hollywood television editor. The Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls is one of the DVDs by New Liberty Videos that I watched for this review. Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls DVD is approximately an hour long. The DVD is divided into three parts; Dead Sea Scrolls with Joel Lampe, Hebrew Word Pictures with Dr. Frank Seekins, and The Forbidden Book with Dr. Craig Lampe. 

Part one, Dead Sea Scrolls with Joel Lampe, is of course about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  This is something I was interested in when I was in school but really couldn't remember much about them so this was a great find for us.  Since this video is not very long the segment is short but Joel Lampe did a great job talking about everything and making it understandable.  He talks about how the scrolls were found and that there was actually one one full intact scroll found.  He also goes over what the scrolls were wrote on and the language they were written in.  He also tells you about why they were left where they were.  It was really great which made a great starting point to dive further into the study.

Part two, Hebrew Word Pictures with Dr. Frank Seekins, was very interesting.  Dr. Frank Seekins shows you about the Hebrew language is written.  He uses both words and pictures to show you this. This was really fun for the kids since they were able to learn some of the language that the Bible was originally wrote in.  

Part three, The Forbidden Book with Dr. Craig Lampe was about the Bible and how it was not available to ordinary people at first. It goes over how the Bible was translated in Latin but that it had many errors in it.  Dr. Craig Lampe went over how men sacrificed themselves in order to get the Bible read.  Many people were burned at the stake for reading it to their children.  Even Tyndale, whom translated it in English, was burned at the stake.  This was really a very exciting segment and I do not want to share much because it is better to watch it and be amazed.

How we used: Since my children are younger, 9,8, and 6, we broke our watching down to 3 days.  We watch one segment each day and then took time to talk about what we watched.  This made it easier for them to get into it and understand what they watched with out getting overwhelmed with the seriousness of the DVD. After the first part we ended up diving into Google in order to learn to more about the scrolls.  Part two was super fun because we ended up watching it a couple times with the second time using pause a lot to practice writing the words our self.  Then we went on to search how to write other things in Hebrew as well.  The last segment was a very serious one and I only let my girls watch it.  My 6 year old gets real worried and is very sensitive so I did not think it would be good for him to watch something so sensitive and for him to really be able to understand it.  The girls had many questions about it and we talked about how we have come so far in the world to have our freedom to love God and read his word when ever we wanted.

Overall this was a great watch for us.  We had fun with it and we are still diving into the Hebrew writing as the kids think it is just to cool.  I think that the first two segments are pretty interesting for children of all ages and could be easily talked about for them to understand them.  I do feel the last segment you really do need to preview before letting the younger children watch in case it scares them or confuses them. However I think it is a great way to teach the older kids not to take things for granted.  We now have the freedom of loving God and talking about him all we want and it used to not be that way.

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New Liberty Videos Review
New Liberty Videos Review New Liberty Videos Review New Liberty Videos Review New Liberty Videos Review New Liberty Videos Review

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