Friday, February 27, 2015

Eggs go on lockdown *graphic picture*

So yesterday my eggs went on lockdown. That means I no longer have to rotate them and I raise the humidity about double. Yesterday was day 18 and eggs usually hatch after 21 days. I am so so excited to see how many actually hatch, if any. This is my first time hatching eggs in an incubator. Some were duds and I already tossed them before lockdown. Some chicks had stopped growing for whatever reason. 

Though it maybe a little gross it was a great learning experience for the kids. They got to see how they develop and what they looked like mid development. We candled them while in the eggs but you can't see detail like the real thing. We also seen one a lot further than this that stopped growing but I forgot to snap a picture. 

I am however not a person that likes to wait so I took a trip to Tractor Supply Company and bought me 6 fluffy butts! They are so cute and I love having baby chicks around.

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