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Heirloom Audio Productions Review

In Freedom's Cause Audio CD Review

In Freedom's Cause (CD Set - Physical Copy)
Price: $29.97
Age: 6 to adults

About: Heirloom Audio Productions gave me the opportunity to review their audio soundtrack,  In Freedom's Cause Single Package. This two disk CD audio set is written by John Fomof, Aaron Fullan, Bill Heid, Nick Heid and Nick Huizenga.. Included in the insert is a prayer by William Wallace as well as discussion ideas. The journey on these CD's takes you through time with Ned and Gerald who gets with William Wallace who is Scotland's most influential freedom fighter. This happened back in the late 1200's to the early 1300's. William Wallace is a devout Christian and uses his faith in God to have the courage and passion to free Scotland. Then it switches off to King Robert the Bruce who continues the path of Wallace.  

How we used: My children are 10, 8, and 6. I wanted them all to participate and I knew it would be a bit much to expect them to all sit through over 2 hours of audio. Two of my children have attention problems anyways.  However after starting the audios and hearing the amazing quality and effects the kids were more intrigued than I would have ever though. We ended up listening to a couple tracks a day and then going over the In Freedom's Cause Study Guide (Digital Download) together as a group. The study guide is sectioned out; Listen Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words. After trying to just listen to our portions then answer the questions I found it was harder for the younger kids to recall greatly. So I started following along with the questions myself and stopping when I heard a part come up and I would discuss with them about it. After we were all done we went back over the defining words and looked them up in the dictionary to see what everything meant.

Thoughts: I was really impressed with the quality of these CD's and how much they did keep the attention of my little ones. The study guide followed along really well but I do think it would be even easier to do with older kids to work on alone, but it was nice to have something on hand to help me with discussion points. The moral behind the story is great for all ages. The story teaches us to fight for what we believe in. In this case that William Wallace believed in the Scottish being free. It was not always and easy task and there were lots of disappointing times but he never gave up. In turn they were rewarded for their hard work and was able to get Scotland free.

One of my favorite parts is the 
Printable copy of The Prayer Of William Wallace. It is Psalms 23 in the Latin Vulgate. It is very beautiful and frames well. The prayer is comforting and motivating, we all enjoyed reading it and will continue to use it as a reminder for us in our everyday lives. 

I really think anyone that loves History will love to listen to this and enjoy being a "part" of the experience with the actors that did such an amazing job on this audio.

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In Freedom's Cause Review

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